making your dreams become reality

Combining good process, expertise and full-service solutions from all stakeholders. Together managing all aspects of the product creation process. Delivering a choice of options from a vast network of resources or taking full ownership of your placements through our self-owned production facilities.Offering a menu of services to choose from. Leaner, more agile, efficient and professional.

Dedicated to deliver measurable business advantages in every single step of the product processes.

innovating the development and production process

Brainstorming, designing or prototyping, our designers, pattern makers or any other expert within the development chain are here to assist you. Every step of the way.

Raw material & components sourcing, logistics, shipping and finance.
Our commitment to our clients is very clear.

Our European office spends its time on research and development. Finding the best materials, fabrics and technology to manufacture the best product in a sustainable way..
Good process and accountability lead to real results. From the first factory survey to the final inspection at delivery, our production management services cover all steps within the chain.

Jes Singapore office oversees the whole of logistic and financial processes

We analyse your needs, evaluate and give you the options, anticipate challenges and set up contingency plans.

Leave the time consuming and complex process of sourcing and manufacturing to us, so you can focus on your core business.
We assure the quality of your products by setting the standards and procedures followed by on-site inspections.

As a customer of Jes sourcing, you are connected to a vast network of expert resources from which you can choose.